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CFN Summer Schools 2012


The 2012 International Summer Schools of the DFG-Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN) will be held in the fields of nano-photonics and nano-energy - two main areas of research at the CFN.

In four-day sessions invited experts from international and German research institutions will give thorough and in-depth introductions into these specific fields as well as cover specialized research topics.


10th - 13th September 2012








Scientific exchange

Although the CFN Summer School was originally established to address advanced graduate students and postdocs, senior scientists wishing to broaden their knowledge in the fields of nano-energy and nano-photonics are welcome to attend.

To further scientific exchange and discussion, each participant is expected to present a poster describing his/her scientific background, research interests or current research project.

Course language is English.


We expect all participants to prepare a poster presentation. The poster should be roughly DIN A0 (841 x 1189 mm²) in size and "portrait" format. It is not expected that it fulfils the requirements of a scientific poster for a conference in terms of content and form. Its main purpose is to get acquainted with each other´s scientific background and to stimulate discussions. To this end you are welcome to provide information not only on your research but on your scientific interests, as well.

Since the posters will be on display for the entire course period, you might want to include a picture of yourself at the upper right-hand corner. This will make it easier for everyone to identify and contact participants with common interests during the course.

ECTS Credit Points

Provided that all lectures are attended and a poster is presented, the CFN will issue a certificate stating that the workload for each course is equivalent to 2 ECTS credit points. Please mark the check-box on the registration form if you need an ECTS certificate, and fill in your date and city of birth. Whether your university will accept these credit points as partial fulfillment of the requirements for your degree, however, depends on the regulations specified by your host institution.

Lecturers and program

For up-to-date information on the lecturers and the program please refer to the complete listing under nano-photonics and nano-energy.

Organizing Committees of the CFN Summer School 2012

  • Scientific Program Nano-Photonics

Heinz Kalt
Christian Koos
Uli Lemmer
Jürg Leuthold
Wolfram Pernice
Thomas Schimmel
Martin Wegener

  • Scientific Program Nano-Energy

Dagmar Gerthsen
Horst Hahn
Ellen Ivers-Tiffée
Uli Lemmer

Michael Powalla

  • Local Organization

Christian Röthig
Tatjana Erkert

Ursula Mösle