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Unusual phenomena of a usual day

Unusual phenomena of a usual day

KIT - Campus South
Building 30.95




Prof. Dr. Tomás Tyc
Masaryk University, Czech Republic



Abstract: Some of the fascinating applications of optical metamaterials such as invisibility cloaking seem like magic, but the science behind them is based on physics from everyday life. Tomás Tyc's public lecture brings out the magic in several unusual phenomena of a usual day that illuminate and illustrate modern optics and other parts of physics. He will demonstrate a mirage in a glass of water, the bending of light, ellipses and hyperbolas made by laser pointer and other optical and non-optical demonstrations of everyday wonders. Unlike a magician , he will explain his experiments. Tomás Tyc is a theoretical physicist who likes to illustrate principles of physics on simple things from everyday experience. He regularly gives physics shows with plenty of experimental demonstrations for general public.