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World’s Fastest 3D Printer with Micrometer Accuracy

World’s Fastest 3D Printer with Micrometer Accuracy

T. Erkert


Nanoscribe, KIT-PKM

Date: 14.02.2013

World’s fastest 3D printer with micrometer accuracy

Nanoscribe miniature spacecraft
Printing on the micrometer scale: Writing time for a miniaturized spacecraft is reduced to less than one minute without loss of quality. (Photo: Nanoscribe)

CFN Spin-off Nanoscribe Presents its Advancements at the Leading International Fair for Photonics in San Francisco

Nanoscribe presented the world’s fastest commercially available 3D printer for micro- and nanostructures at Photonics West, the leading international fair for photonics, which took place in San Francisco (USA) at the beginning of February.
The new laser lithography method makes it possible to increase printing speed a hundredfold. For example, the writing time for the pictured miniature ships was reduced from hours to minutes.

For additional information, please go to:

Nanoscribe GmbH

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Press Release 019/2013