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Calendar 2013

The calendar 2013 of The Young Scientist Group „Nano-Devices“ is now available.

Twelve black and white pictures produced by means of Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) show what can be seen in the world of nanometers.

The calendar is a collection of the most beautiful pictures of the nanoworld that were taken throughout the year. This year the group of Ljiljana Fruk has added an extra art component and processed the images, enhancing their beauty!


The size of the calendar is DIN A4.

You can purchase
it for 9 €,

two for 16 €,
three for 21 €

at the CFN:
Room No. 116, first floor
Wolfgang-Gaede-Str. 1a,
Campus South,

The entire donation goes to a good cause.




Calender 2012 Fruk